WLTW New York

WLTW / 1997 - present

WLTW On-Air Staff - 1999I've been here for over a dozen years; longer than all of the previous stops combined. The number one station in the number one market and having a record run in the ratings on the "big stage." And it remains the most enjoyable station I've ever worked for.

I never saw myself working in the New York market, but it's an accomplishment I will always be proud of achieving.

"Jack, this IS the big time" - (Julian Breen, in an e-mail describing New York radio)

"At Lite FM, the only breasts are on chickens." - (former VP/Programming Jim Ryan to personality Christine Nagy regarding an on-air mention of Jennifer Lopez's assets.)

Me: "Man, I was just off today, it sucked."
Chris (Connely - current Lite PD): "Nahh, you always sound good."
Me: "No, everything went wrong - even my boardwork was terrible."
Chris: "Don't sweat it, there's always the next time."
Me: "The funny thing is, I came in extra early to prepare & set-up."
Chris: "Well, I guess you won't be doing that again."


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